About Incremental Success

Our clients range from small to large businesses but they share an understanding that their people are both valuable and complex. Implementing a change of direction in your company involves working with these complex people.

We help business find ways to get everybody on board. We do this through creative training, clear communication, and developing new ideas tailored for your unique situation.

Because businesses are at their core teams of individuals, we also provide micro-services and products designed to help individual professionals in their specific jobs and careers.

What is Incremental Success?

It’s the idea that success cannot be achieved overnight. Long lasting success is achieved when taking little, incremental steps at a time.

Who is Incremental Success?

Incremental Success is a collaborative partnership between Katie & Aaron.

Katie Stroud is a learning solutions engineer gifted at developing organizational learning experiences tailored to each business’ needs.

With a decade of experience in instructional design & learning strategies, Katie founded Incremental Success to better serve more clients. Her strategic approach to learning development has benefitted many technology and service companies.

Katie is also a popular speaker and workshop leader.


Aaron Stroud is a technical development specialist at home learning the nuts and bolts of tools and technologies.

With a background in web development, university teaching, and non-profit infrastructure development, Aaron supports Incremental Success strategically and technically.


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