Change the Way You Think About Change with Tenille Halliday (notes)

Notes on Tenille Halliday’s ASTD 2014 presentation It is All in the Mind: Change the Way You Think About Change (SU110)

  • I found this presentation fascinating perhaps because of the constant state of change associated with being an entrepreneur
  • Ship steering (slow, multiple steps, critical) is a great metaphor for the importance of adapting to change
  • When articulating the process to the team, etc. People will hear different things depending on their state of mind and immunity to change
  • We are so judgmental as humans (sometimes it “protects” us). We are not exempt and need to be aware of this so we can address it.


Lots of interesting ways the immune system and our immunity to change are similar:

  • Past experiences affect our immune systems and our immunity to change
  • The immune system primarily protects us, but sometimes it is overprotective and/or self destructive

Three key takeaways:

  1. Immunity to change - the emotional sense of stuff that must be addressed when adapting to change
  2. Logical, intellectual compelling reasons for change can lead to more fear because resistance to change is an emotional response
  3. This is true because while we might agree intellectually, on another level people still carry equally compelling emotional thoughts for why to resist change.

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