Transmedia Storytelling - A Hero's Journey Through New Media with Anders Gronstedt (notes)

Notes from Anders Gronstedt’s ASTD 2014 presentation Transmedia Storytelling - A Hero’s Journey Through New Media (SU313)

  • Transmedia storytelling is a powerful technique because it makes an emotional connect
  • Transmedia storytelling lends itself particularly well to social sharing and shared experiences
  • Several articles with further information available at The Gronstedt Group
  • They’re having great success using podcasts in their training. Still a bit of a niche and Anders is having a great success with it. You can have so much fun with it.
  • The podcast approach to creating diversity learning is interesting. Some of it was pretty funny.
  • Need to use professionals, not your internal staff. Using your own staff can lead to problem when people leave the organization.
  • Tools like VideoScribe are a great way to create videos internally.

For more on leveraging the explosion transmedia storytelling, check out Learning Through Transmedia Storytelling, Infoline January 2014, by March Ramos (Google) and Anders Gronstedt.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Human memory is story based
  2. While a powerful tool, keeping the cost down requires a lot of creativity
  3. Podcasts are great option, but you still should use professional voice actors

Links: The Gronstedt Group, @AndersGronstedt

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