This Thanksgiving be Thankful for You

I had a great call with my son Andrew last night (age 24). During that call I reminded him of a time when he was not more than two months old and he woke me in middle of the night, as infants do—several times every night. His diaper was clean. He wasn’t hungry. He didn’t seem to be in any discomfort.

So I just laid him in my lap and looked him in the face and asked, “What do you need?” He looked at me and smiled. I chuckled and he laughed. And so that was Andrew. Since the beginning, he was always someone who could make you feel happy in the darkest hour of the night.

Life was hard in those days. I was a senior in high school trying to get all the assignments done for the classes in which I was enrolled. On top of a new baby and school, I was also recovering from having my appendix removed six days after my son was born. My sisters, my mom, and my little brother were a big help in getting me through it all.

And then there was Andrew. Tiny, helpless, amazing little Andrew. Many new moms would be lost to depression, and I admit I had my days, but how could I ever give up. How could I not find happiness in my situation with this little bundle of joy.

This was my Andrew, born with personality that came only with his DNA. We are all shaped by our experiences in life, but we are also born with a core that is unique to each of us. This core is a gift, a strength to pull us through the tough times and temper those experiences that shape us.

This Thanksgiving be thankful for everything that is you. Be thankful for the people in your life who offer their gifts of uniqueness that further embellish who you are.

I appreciate all of you, the interactions we have, and the interactions you all have with each other. My life is enriched when you share your inner gifts with me and with others.


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