Individual Consultations

You follow all of the best practices for designing great materials in your projects. What more could you do to make the impact your training program or course deserves?

Materials that stand out from the rest create an experience that inspires your audience. An experience isn’t developed by following best practices and checking things off your list.

The purpose, desired results, story, visual presentation, your composure and professionalism throughout the project, and several other elements must come together to create an experience that people will remember.

This experience–created each step of the way–is one that demands respect for your work and gets you noticed as a stand-out professional.

Send me an overview of what you’re working on, get on the phone with me, and let’s look at what you can do to improve your project.

Cost: $300

Fill out my online form.

A personalized consultation for individuals that includes review of materials for a course, document, presentation, or other project intended for an audience. Formal evaluation provides specific steps that individuals can take to improve materials or project in general. Includes a 30-minute call.