How to Convert your Learning Content into Stories People Remember

A 1.5 hour presentation on specific steps learning professionals can take to organize their content into a more memorable format.

Stories have a tremendous impact on learning retention. Recalling what you’ve seen in a movie 3 months ago is a lot easier than recalling the details of that compliance training you attended around the same time. However, when tasked with presenting many facts to an audience, finding a story in those facts can seem unrealistic.

How to Convert Your Learning Content into Stories People Remember lays out the elements of story and how to use them to arrange your content into a format that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Presented either over Web conferencing software or in-person, this session will engage, entertain, and provide valuable tools for instantly creating better materials.

In this session, you and your co-workers will learn:

  • the importance of story in instructional design and delivery
  • specific methods for transforming instructional content into a story
  • four models for instructional story to use in different settings
  • techniques for drawing the audience into your instructional story
  • techniques for defining characters in your instructional story
  • how to impact corporate goals with storytelling instruction
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