Using Story and Visuals to Create More Engaging Learning Content

A full-day workshop that engages the audience to create more memorable learning materials. Learners will participate in activities that give them practice creating visuals and organizing content into stories.

As learning professionals you know that a little instruction doesn’t necessarily transfer to hard skills. In this workshop you’ll get your hands dirty creating original graphics and presentation layouts that ensure your materials leave a lasting impact on your audiences. Develop a story and create simple icons, interactive elements, refreshing layouts, professional-looking templates, eye-popping backgrounds, and other elements that get your audience excited. We can work in whatever software you use to develop learning materials.

In this session, you will:

  • explore the use of line, color, shape, and texture
  • create original visuals using Powerpoint or other software of choice
  • develop characters for an instructional story
  • arrange sample content (or your own) into stories for different purposes
  • tie it all together
  • transform your materials
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