Instructional Story Design Workshop

Stories have a profound effect on how we collect and store details about the world. This phenomenon has people looking to harness the power of story to use in corporate training—people like Arlie.

Arlie is an instructional designer who begins to hate his job. He sits in his cubical all day spinning his wheels as he tries to keep up with the latest training need. He has become a course-manufacturer.

Follow Arlie on a journey where he discovers a process designed to draw people into his training rather than developing content to push out.

This workshop can be offered in 4 online sessions, each 2.5 hours long or a 2-day session on-site.

The following stories are chapters in your journey toward instructional story design.

The day Arlie discovered the power of story
What is it about story that has such a profound effect on us? How can we use that power to develop better training?

Arlie’s rut: finding the story in traditional design models
What is the connection between a hero and his journey to achieve a goal and designing instruction for people who need to achieve specific learning objectives?

Arlie’s wall: facing objections and finding answers
What is both the biggest obstacle to success and yet also the catalyst to developing effective training?

Arlie takes the red pill and wakes up in the Matrix
What happens when we ignore the physical environment surrounding people who need to learn something important?

The secret power-up that fuels knowledge and builds skills
We are not the ones who will lead our characters to success. Find out how to build the bridge to fill any gap analysis.

The challenge that holds success in the balance
In everything we do, we face conflict at some point or another. How can we use this to our advantage in training?

How to slay a dragon
Fighting a dragon can take a long time, but piercing it where it is weakest happens in only a moment. Why is this important to training?

The longest road of the quest
After the dragon has been slain, the journey to a new world–without a dragon to fight–is the longest road of the quest. How will you maintain momentum?

Arlie frames a story that he’ll never tell
When everything comes together, where will the instructional story live? Who will tell it?

The return home where peace is rightfully restored
The measure of success is in returning to where the journey began. This is where the legend is born.

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