How to Make Your Learning Content More Visual

A 1 hour presentation on specific techniques anyone can use to make learning content more visual, making it easier for the audience to remember the information.

The best learning strategies can get stuck in the starting gate if the materials are not well designed. The importance of solid design and presentation increases dramatically when that content is delivered over a computer screen or mobile device. As learning professionals, we may may not be graphical designers, but we can use simple techniques to deliver a visual experience that increases learner retention and makes an impact.

This engaging session will provide you with inspiration and a new toolkit for making even the most boring content more memorable.

In this session, you and your co-workers will learn:

  • 3 ways to constrain your content to focus audience attention
  • 5 techniques for turning text into visuals
  • Explore several before and after examples
  • Develop specific steps for transforming wordy content into a visual presentation
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