Story and Visuals Combination session

A 3 hour presentation combining the concepts of presenting materials visually and in a format that helps the audience retain the information shared.

Stories are vital to transferring information to a crowd, but if that crowd has eyeballs, telling it with visuals ensures an impact that won’t soon be forgotten. On the other hand, visuals without a story are just a slide show of pretty pictures.

Get inspired to present your materials in way that gets the audience’s attention. Find specific techniques for turning information into a visual story suited to the results you hope to achieve with your materials.

This session includes all of the objectives from both the Story and Visuals workshops, which include:

  • the importance of story in instructional design and delivery
  • specific methods for transforming instructional content into a story
  • four models for instructional story to use in different settings
  • techniques for drawing the audience into your instructional story
  • techniques for defining characters in your instructional story
  • how to impact corporate goals with storytelling instruction
  • 3 ways to constrain your content to focus audience attention
  • 5 techniques for turning text into visuals
  • Explore several before and after examples
  • Develop specific steps for transforming wordy content into a visual presentation
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