From the packed house at ASTD ICE 2014

“Thank you! Your session was one of the best I attended!

I attended the ASTD 2014 Conference and participated in Katie Stroud’s session ‘Convert learning content into stories that people remember.’ This was one of the best sessions I attended during the conference. Katie captured our attention right away by demonstrating the power of stories. She then walked us through step by step how to create our own story using our own learning topic. I definitely came away with a fundamental understanding of how to build my own story, to make learning more memorable, and the ways in which I can vary the story depending on the topic or concept I need to teach. I look forward to seeing Katie at future events and learning more about the power of story telling!”    —Vandy Richards

“For three months, I struggled to figure out how to take a mundane class on Higher Education Administration and make it interesting. After 5 minutes in Katie’s session, something sparked my imagination I realized I could take an existing organizational story and adapt it into the framework for the class. Following the exercises in the class, I left the workshop with the story fleshed out and the first draft ready to go. Three months of struggle resolved in a 90-minute class - what more could I ask for?! Loved the class and found it to be very helpful. Thank you.”    —Matt Howell, CCO

“Thank you so much for the information you have sent. So useful!! I will read it carefully and hope to be competent in implementing in my training sessions. Let me share with you that I have loved your presentation. You revealed such a well prepared session, very “grounded” and very well organized as well.”    —Sónia Sousa, Legacy Consulting

“You did a magnificent job with your Convert Learning Content into Stories That People Remember presentation at ASTD 2014 ICE! Katie’s presentations was one that really stood out for me as it provided immediately applicable takeaways.”    —Vivian Slaughter-mitchell, Fannie Mae

“I enjoyed your presentation at the ASTD Conference and hope to find time to implement your ideas. One of the challenges for trainers is to make their learning experiences memorable and impactful to avoid boring the audience with the same approach every time they train (e.g. PowerPoint). I think your storytelling technique is very helpful and beneficial to those we train!…The seminar did a great job taking a training item and creating a story out of it. Stories are something the students will remember.”    —John Lombardi, Marathon Petroleum Company, LP

“I learned a lot from [this] presentation.”    —Bomi Shin

“I just wanted to say that your work is awesome and heroically fast. We’re all your fans. :) Thanks again.”    —Amy Kohtz, White Ops

“When I asked for your help on my presentation, I was concerned about your availability and ability to focus with a lot of other things going on. I was also stuck in a rut of using the IAB template for my presentation. I was unsure about some of the ideas you recommended at the outset related to the use of images that fill the entire slide.

In the end, I decided to go with your recommendations because you provided cogent and logical arguments in which I was able recognize the wisdom and practicality.

You are a great collaborator. For someone to get the most out of working with you, they must bring their own flavor of creativity to the conversation. You are also good at executing such that the blend of my creativity with yours, combined with your ability to take those ideas and give them real substance made for some great work.””    —Steve Sullivan, IAB

“Hi Katie, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Story Telling last week. I found the message to be very practical and I walked away with plenty to implement right away. I expected that the more technical workshops were where I’d have the most to gain, but I was wrong. Your execution was also perfect. Great job. Thanks.”    —Shelly Briscoe, Training & Documentation Specialist