Things We're Working On

Hey there! Want to say hi but not sure what to say (@incsuccess)? Maybe we have some interests in common. We’re interested in or working on:

    ✪   A book on The Story Approach to Designing Effective Training Programs

  • Showing people how to bring out their inner artist

  • Helping learning professionals become storytellers (our workshop on the topic)

  • Helping people change the world

  • Making software training sexy

  • Motivating people to be better leaders, instructors, and designers

  • Making content more visual (learn more here)

  • Discussing better tools and techniques for remote collaboration

  • Building learning and communication techniques and strategies

  • Developing strategies for measuring progress and success

  • Learning the nuts and bolts of tools and technologies

  • Learning how the world works

Don’t see any shared interests? This is our short list. We had to stop somewhere. Drop us a line and tell us what you’re working on.

Cursed spam! Reach us at: achieve@ + this website’s address